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2 touch inside zigzag – Dribbling

2 touch inside zigzag dribbling.

Individual Skills Library.

1. Setup ten cones in a line, around one foot apart (they need to be close but not too close so that the ball cannot pass comfortably between them).

2. Start on the right side of the cones and using the inside of your right foot, touch the ball through the first cones then stop it with the inside of the left foot. Quickly push the ball through the cones with the inside of your left foot then stop it with the inside of your right foot. Repeat this process.

3. The ball should move in a zigzag motion in between the cones every two touches. You need good reactions and quick feet to move through the cones at speed.

4. Test yourself – try and run at speed from the outset. This is a tough two-footed dribbling exercise which requires very quick feet so you will make mistakes – that’s no problem for me and it shouldn’t be a problem for you…keep making mistakes, learning and improving!

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