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2000 touch intense technical

2000 touch intense technical workout.

Skillset Specific Workouts.

Exercise length: 20 minutes

Work flat out at full speed for 2 minutes and then rest for 30 seconds. Each set should take around 2 minutes to complete.

As always, do not worry about making mistakes. If you perform the exercises at full speed, you will definitely make mistakes. Push yourself.

One set (10-15 seconds per exercise):

1. Quick feet speed turns

2. Quick feet pullbacks (alternate right and left)

3. Quick feet drags (alternate right and left)

4. Rapid dribble dragbacks (alternate right and left)

5. Rapid dragback sidefoots (alternate right and left)

6. Rapid laces sole (right foot)

7. Rapid laces sole (left foot)

8. Rapid laces sole (alternate right and left)

9. Speed pullback V’s (alternate right and left)

Repeat the above set x 6 (including rest, should take around 15 mins to complete)

Then do 30 seconds of rapid freestyle footwork in a small square/area. The idea is to take as many touches as possible using the inside, outside, sole and laces, moving the ball between both feet. 30 seconds of freestyle footwork followed by 10 seconds rest.

Repeat the rapid freestyle footwork x 4 (including rest, should take around 3 minutes)

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