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3-touch quick feet – Passing

3-touch quick feet passing.

Individual Skills Library.

1. Use a wall, any other rebound surface or a partner (to pass back to you).

2. Pass the ball against the wall and control using the inside of your right foot.

3. Immediately use the outside of your left foot to push the ball across to the left side of your body and then pass the ball using the inside of your left foot against the wall (this is three touches including the controlling touch).

4. As the ball rebounds from the wall, go through the same steps in the opposite direction (receive with inside of left foot, push ball across with outside of right and then pass against wall using inside of right foot). Repeat this continuously and build up a rhythm.

5. Vary your distance from the wall – the closer you are, the quicker you will need to react as the ball rebounds. The further away you are, the more time you have to react but you will need to pass with more power.

6. Put yourself under pressure by working at speed – pass as quickly as possible to test your reactions, touch and movement.

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