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Attacking Pattern 2



Group of attacking players use choreographed movement to pass the ball wide and cross into the box to score.

Game specific benefit

Improve your attacking threat and ability to maneuver the ball into wide areas to create scoring opportunities from crosses.

Setup & Main Points 

  • Use half field if possible (if not, a third of a field is enough or even a smaller space)
  • 6 attacking players – 5 defenders
  • 1 def mid – 2 att mids – 2 wingers – 1 striker
  • Have players in pennies to clearly distinguish attackers and defenders
  • Defenders only passive pressure

Player Instructions

Attackers (Def Mid, 2 Att Mids, Right Winger, Left Winger and Striker)
1. Def Mid starts with ball
2. Two Att Mids split left and right, ready to receive a pass
3. Def Mid passes to Left Att Mid who receives ball across his body
4. As opposing Def Mid closes him down, Left Att Mid passes to Right Att Mid
5. Right Winger checks back to bring Left Back with him then attacks space down the line
5. Right Att Mid passes ball between Left Center Back and Left Back, in behind Defense for Right Winger
6. As Right Winger moves onto ball, Left Winger attacks far post, Striker attacks near post and Left Att Mid attacks edge of 18 yard box (he is going to receive the cross)
7. Right Winger crosses either first time or after taking a touch to control, aiming for penalty spot
8. Striker allows ball to go past him and Left Att Mid continues his run and shoots

Defenders (Right Back, Left Back, 2 Center Backs and Def Mid)
1. Def Mid stays with Right & Left Att Mids
2. Left Back stays with Right Winger
3. Left Center Back supports Left Back when ball is played through
4. Right back stays with Left Winger
5. Right Center Back stays with Striker

Repeat on opposite side of the field with Left Winger crossing.

Touch limitation

2 touches if possible (receive then pass) – crosser can take more than 2 touches if needed.

For advanced players, you can experiment with 1-touch passing although it is very difficult.

Coaching points

  • First touch – close control, setup to pass
  • Communication – both from passer and open players looking to receive
  • Speed of passing – quicker movement of the ball makes it difficult for defenders
  • Movement – players must move to enable good passing angles

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