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Beardsley shuffle – 1v1 Moves

Beardsley shuffle 1v1 move.

Individual Skills Library.

1. Setup two cones (or use t-shirts if you don’t have cones) to act as a defender or if you have a partner, they can act as the defender (they should be passive and not try to tackle you).

2. Give yourself some space (around 7 or 8 metres) and run at full speed at the cones/defender.

3. As your approach the cones, twist your hips and upper body to face sideways and using the inside of your right foot, quickly drag the ball past the cones on the inside.

4. The key is the speed that you twist/shuffle your hips then move past the defender. The shuffle/twist throws the defender off balance which allows you to go past them on the inside.

5. Once you have worked on your right foot, switch to using your left for the twist/shuffle past the cones/defender. Finish off with alternately using both feet until you feel equally comfortable on both sides.

6. Test yourself – work at full speed and focus on shuffling your hips and really emphasising the twist but doing it very quickly. You will make mistakes if you push yourself fast enough. If you’re not messing up sometimes, you’re not doing it fast enough!

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