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Intense Training Sessions



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If you are not making someone else’s life better, then you are wasting your time.

I love that quote from Will Smith – my goal is to make the lives of as many kids as possible better by improving their soccer technique and skills. I don’t coach just to make a few extra dollars; I coach because I love doing it. I give 100% in every session (and demand the same of every kid I coach) as ultimately, I want everyone to reach their soccer potential.

Why? Because I genuinely care.

Common Questions

Who is it for?

My intense training sessions are open to youth players aged 8-16 who are serious about improving their technical skills, speed, agility, ball control, passing and shooting ability. Please be aware that due to the intensity and technical skills involved in the sessions, they are not suitable for soccer beginners.

Whether your child is an AYSO player looking to make the step up to Club Soccer or an existing Club player looking to take their game to the next level (or even a High School player); regardless of whether they play defense, midfield or forward, the sessions will benefit your child’s game and give them a technical and physical edge over opponents.

I currently coach club level players from Samohi, FC Pali, Westside Breakers, Pacific Coast SC, Santa Monica Utd and LA Galaxy South Bay along with a small number of technically advanced AYSO players.

Can anyone book a session?

No, unfortunately not. The sessions are designed for more advanced players, as mentioned above.

Attitude is hugely important – if your child would like to get the benefits that the sessions offer, they must be committed, focused and prepared to put in the required effort to improve. I am very focused and work hard to deliver intense, quality coaching so I expect the same attitude and work ethic from every kid I coach.

What does a typical session involve?

A combination of footwork, speed, agility, passing and shooting.

Every session incorporates a high number of touches/repetitions along with ball control techniques, passing, shooting and reaction work to form a complete, all-round 1-to-1 training session.

How does a high number of touches or shots benefit my child?

The more touches (also known as repetitions) your child has on the ball, the quicker they can improve their technique, ball control, passing and ‘touch’ (this is the word that soccer players use to describe their feel for the ball). In terms of shooting, the more shots your child takes, the more accurate they will become over time (providing they are using the correct technique to practice and this is something I assist with).

An average team practice session will generally see your child touching the ball around 150-200 times. My sessions typically involve at least 1000+ touches and they are not just pointless touches of the ball. They are all specific, targeted touches aimed at rapidly improving your child’s overall footwork speed and ball control, with BOTH feet.

Are all sessions the same for every child?

The basis of each practice is similar, however each session is tailored individually to fit your child depending on their strengths and weaknesses. If they need lots of work on their weaker foot, we focus more heavily on that. If they need more work on their touch/control, we spend more time on footwork and ball control. If their reactions need to be improved, we will give extra time and focus to speed, agility and reaction exercises.

Where are sessions held?

You can come to Clover Park in Santa Monica or I can come to you (may involve extra costs depending on travel time).

The small area we work in (only 20×10 yards) means that we can practice almost anywhere.

What times can I practice?

1-to-1 intense skills and shooting sessions are available on weekdays from 9am-7pm or Saturday & Sunday mornings 9am-12pm.

How often can my child practice?

Your child will see benefits from literally the first session but of course, the more often they practice with me, the quicker they will improve.

Two sessions per week for a month (8 hours of total practice) will enable your child to achieve a hugely noticeable improvement with both feet.

I already use a private coach, why is this better?

Private coaches are a great idea but you will often find that sessions are relatively slow paced with the coach simply directing players through cones. My intense sessions are simple but targeted so that the whole hour is spent working at a fast pace on specific techniques and skills that translate directly into game situations. Come and give it a try and see the benefits for yourself.

You will not find a more beneficial 1-to-1 private skills session anywhere in Los Angeles.


I only coach a maximum of 10 sessions per week to maintain a necessary level of intensity.

Most of my clients book regular weekly sessions so there are only a limited number of spaces available for occasional or semi-regular bookings.

Book your trial today by calling 310-403-7166 or email me.