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Huge aerial laces – Control

Huge aerial laces ball control.

Individual Skills Library.

1. Kick the ball high into the air and use your lower laces/toes as it comes down to cushion the ball so that it stops ‘dead’ on the ground.

2. Your aim is to stop the ball quickly so that you could potentially play an immediate pass if you wanted to.

3. Don’t go crazy and try to kick the ball as high as the sun, just kick it high enough so that it makes control extremely difficult, that’s the idea.

4. Use your right foot only for a period of time, then switch to using your left foot only.

5. Test yourself – try to control the ball with as little movement as possible, so it feels natural. Work at it until you can comfortably control the ball with both feet so that it stops dead in front of you.


The best example you will find anywhere is below – courtesy of the legendary Ronaldinho.

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