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Monday 22 September 2014

Monday 22 September 2014.

Daily Soccer Training Program.

Daily workouts have two options:

1. Perform the workout once for 20 minutes of practice.

2. Perform the workout twice for 40 minutes of practice.


Pirlo perfect passing

Exercise length: 20 minutes

Focus on the quality and speed of your passing and also your reactions to move your feet and create the correct body shape.

Continuous passing against a wall or rebound surface (or use a partner to pass the ball back to you) – using a wall will give you the best results as your reactions will need to be much quicker. Vary the angle/direction of your passes; don’t just pass in a straight line every time, mix it up. Test yourself!

3 metre distance:

Speed freestyle both feet

30 seconds rest

Repeat above set x 3

1 minute rest

5 metre distance:

Right foot laces target passing (catch the ball without moving off the spot) x 10 passes

Left foot laces target passing x 10 passes

1 minute rest

Speed freestyle both feet

30 seconds rest

Repeat above set x 3



If you want to speed your development, go ahead and practice further if you have time available! Choose some extra exercises from the Individual Skills Library.


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