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Okocha dragstep – 1v1 Moves

Okocha dragstep 1v1 move.

Individual Skills Library.

1. Setup two cones (or use t-shirts if you don’t have cones) to act as a defender or if you have a partner, they can act as the defender (they should be passive and not try to tackle you).

2. Give yourself some space (around 7 or 8 metres) and run at speed at the cones/defender.

3. As your approach the cones, drag the ball with the sole of your right foot across your body (in a diagonal forward direction) then immediately stepover the ball with your left foot and continue running in the direction you originally dragged the ball.

4. The drag is the setup touch and then the stepover is the feint/fake which fools the defender.

5. Once you have worked on your right foot only, switch to using your left only. Finish off with alternately using both feet until you feel equally comfortable going past the cones on both sides.

6. Test yourself – work at full speed and focus on your footwork and how smoothly and quickly you can stepover the ball immediately after dragging it, all as part of the same motion. Practice makes perfect!

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