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Passing & Support

passing support 


Players must get to cone nearest to player in possession to provide support – the focus is on urgency of movement and anticipation of where player without the ball needs to be to provide the best support option.

Game specific benefit

Improve players’ ability to recognize when to support teammate in possession, thus increasing the speed and quality of your ball circulation and offensive threat in particular.

Setup & Main Points

  • 7×7 yard square using four cones
  • 5 players – 1 on each side of square and 1 defender inside
  • 4 players attempt to keep ball away from defender
  • When defender intercepts pass, player who played the ball last becomes defender

Defender option (4v0 and 4v1)

Begin by running the exercise with no defender (4v0), just working on player movement to cones and specific coaching points. Once technique and movement is understood, add a defender for more realistic pressure (4v1).

Passing across square

Initially players cannot pass across the square, only left or right. This is to get them used to receiving across their body and using both feet. You can allow passing across the square once there is an understanding of the concept, however players must still have an urgency to get to the cones to support the player in possession.

Touch limitation

2 touches (insist on players taking 2 touches every time they receive a pass to get used to quick movement of the ball between their feet when receiving then passing).

Coaching points

  • Urgency – get to cone nearest player in possession to provide passing option
  • First touch – close control, ready to pass
  • Communication – both from passer and open players looking to receive
  • Receive across body – receive ball across body with inside of foot as much as possible
  • Both feet – Pass with opposite receiving foot if possible (i.e. receive left, pass right)
  • Weight of pass – especially when close to teammate; not too hard
  • Effort – defender gives 100% when trying to intercept the ball



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