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Quick feet side drags – Footwork

Quick feet side drags.

Individual Skills Library.

1. Move the ball between your feet as quickly as possible using the insides of your feet only.

2. Every 4 touches, using the right foot, drag the ball across your body and move back into touching the ball 4 times with the inside of your feet again – after 4 touches, drag the ball back across your body using your left foot this time. Repeat this process.

3. You can increase the number of touches you make before dragging the ball across your body to make things slightly easier (9-10 touches) but keeping the touch number low (4) makes you work hard and focus on the footwork.

4. Test yourself – move the ball between your feet at speed and drag the ball across your body in a quick ‘snap’ motion (imagine you are dragging the ball across the front of an opponent to get away from them). You should not move away from the area you are working in, only moving left/right a couple of steps.

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