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Quick touch cruyff – Control

Quick touch cruyff ball control.

Individual Skills Library.

1. Use a wall, any other rebound surface or a partner (to pass to you).

2. Pass the ball using any part of your foot (inside, laces, it’s not important as you are focusing on ball control, not the pass) against the wall.

3. When the ball rebounds to you, touch the ball quickly with the outside of your right foot and then immediately perform a cruyff in the same movement. You should now be facing the opposite direction to the wall. Repeat the process of passing against the wall and controlling the rebound with an outside touch then cruyff.

4. Vary your distance from the wall but do not go too far away, try to stay fairly close – the closer you are, the quicker you will need to react as the ball rebounds. The further away you are, the more time you have to react.

5. Use your right foot only for a period of time, then use your left foot only and finally move on to using both feet alternately to control the ball with two quick touches (one with outside of foot and the other with inside of the same foot) each time it rebounds to you.

6. Put yourself under pressure by working at speed – pass the ball firmly so that it rebounds quickly and tests your reactions and touch. Work on controlling the ball closely so it remains within a couple of feet as you turn. This is one of the best exercises you will find to help increase your foot speed.

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