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Rapid laces sole – Footwork

Rapid laces sole.

Individual Skills Library.

1. Start by hopping/bouncing on your left foot – use the front area of your right sole to drag the ball back then quickly touch the ball forwards with the laces of the same foot (you will need to turn your foot down with your toes pointed at the ground).

2. Continue this process of hopping/bouncing and using the sole to dragback then lace to push the ball forward. This is sometimes known as pull/push.

3. The idea is to take 2 quick touches (sole then lace) with the same foot, establishing a rhythm and increasing the speed.

4. After using your right foot only for a period of time, switch immediately without rest to using your left foot only (hopping on your right foot). When you are comfortable using both feet, alternate between sole-lace with your right then sole-lace with your left, so each foot touches the ball twice before it moves to the other foot.

5. Test yourself – work in short bursts as this exercise is definitely tough on the calf muscles. How fast can you go when alternating feet while maintaining your balance/rhythm?

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