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Rebound power aerial – Control

Rebound power aerial ball control.

Individual Skills Library.

1. Use a wall, any other rebound surface or a partner (to pass to you).

2. Get very close to the wall or partner (within 3 metres).

3. Strike the ball high against the wall using your laces (the important thing is not actually which surface you use to strike the ball but the fact that you strike it hard and high so that it rebounds very quickly and in the air). If using a partner, they can throw or kick the ball aerially to you.

4. When the ball rebounds to you in the air, react quickly and control it with any part of your feet (inside, laces, outside). Repeat the process of striking the ball high against the wall and controlling the aerial rebound.

5. Work on aerial control with your right foot initially, then switch to your left and finally work alternately with both feet.

6. Put yourself under pressure by staying close to the wall (or your partner) – this will test your reactions and touch. If you are testing yourself, you won’t be able to control the ball perfectly every time. Work hard!

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