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Sidefoot rapid continuous – Passing

Sidefoot (inside of the foot) rapid continuous passing.

Individual Skills Library.

1. Use a wall, any other rebound surface or a partner (to pass back to you).

2. Pass the ball using the inside of your foot (sidefoot, also known as ‘push pass’) against the wall.

3. When the ball rebounds to you, pass it again immediately without controlling it.

4. Vary your distance from the wall – the closer you are, the quicker you will need to react as the ball rebounds. The further away you are, the more time you have to react but you will need to pass with more power.

5. Use your right foot only for a period of time, then use your left foot only and finally move on to using both feet alternately for each pass.

6. Put yourself under pressure by working at speed – pass as quickly and firmly as possible to test your reactions and your touch.

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