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Tuesday 2 September 2014

Tuesday 2 September 2014.

Daily Soccer Training Program.

Daily workouts have two options:

1. Perform the workout once for 30 minutes of practice.

2. Perform the workout twice for 1 hour of practice.


Matthews inside outside 1v1 move

Exercise length: 5 minutes

Work alternately with your right and left foot.  First move with right foot, next move with left foot. Right and left foot x 3 moves with each (6 moves total). Work at speed, 100% effort, then 15 seconds rest. This is 1 set. Perform 3 sets.

1. Setup two cones (or use t-shirts if you don’t have cones) to act as a defender or if you have a partner, they can act as the defender (they should be passive and not try to tackle you).

2. Give yourself some space (around 7 or 8 metres) and run at speed at the cones/defender.

3. As your approach the cones, push the ball with the inside of your right foot and then immediately push it past the defender using the outside of your right foot.

4. The key is the speed that you touch the ball and change direction – your whole body should move across to the left side and then explode out to the right immediately in the same movement.

5. Test yourself – work at full speed and focus on shifting your weight from left to right (or vice versa) to really ‘sell’ the defender. You will make mistakes if you push yourself fast enough. If you’re not making some mistakes, you’re not doing it fast enough!


2 minutes rest before moving onto the next exercise.


Messi dribbling challenge

Exercise length: 20 minutes

Dribble at full speed, do not hold back.

Push yourself and be prepared to make mistakes and lose control of the ball. The important thing is that you work at high intensity.

Setup cones 1 foot apart (10 cones)

Left foot x 5 dribble through cones (lots of small touches on the ball, keeping it close to your foot)

Right foot x 5 dribble through cones

Both feet x 5 dribble through cones

1 minute rest

Cones 2 feet apart (10 cones)

Using the outsides of the feet only, both feet x 5 dribble through cones

1 minute rest

Cones 3 feet apart (10 cones) – work at a quicker speed than previous two sets of dribbling

Left foot x 5 dribble through cones

Right foot x 5 dribble through cones

Both feet x 5 dribble through cones

1 minute rest



If you want to speed your development, go ahead and practice further if you have time available! Choose some extra exercises from the Individual Skills Library.


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