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Van Persie – 1v1 Moves

Van Persie 1v1 move.

Individual Skills Library.

1. You don’t require any cones or ‘defenders’ for this move, just use an open space with 10-15 metres in length.

2. Dribble at speed with the ball at your feet and then turn yourself on a slight angle.

3. Fake to kick the ball and use the inside of your foot to stop it before using the outside of the same foot to push the ball away again.

4. It is important to really emphasise the fake kick to fool your opponent and then be able to stop the ball before moving off again at speed.

5. Once you have worked for a while with your right foot, switch to using your left foot. Finish off with alternately using both feet until you feel equally comfortable stopping the ball and continuing on both sides.

6. Test yourself – slow down to perfect your technique and then speed up as much as possible to make the move authentic and fool the defender. Watch Van Persie do it on TV, it is a move he reguarly performs in matches.

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