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Xavi spin – 1v1 Moves

Xavi spin 1v1 move.

Individual Skills Library.

1. You don’t require any cones or ‘defenders’ for this move, just use an open space with 10-15 metres in length.

2. Dribble at speed with the ball at your feet.

3. Use the sole of your foot to pull the ball back underneath your body, inside your standing leg.

4. Immediately spin around and use the front part of the sole (under the toes) to drag the ball in the direction you were originally facing before accelerating away.

5. Once you have worked for a while with your right foot, switch to using your left foot. Finish off with alternately using both feet until you feel equally comfortable spinning and dragging the ball on both sides.

6. Test yourself – dribble slower and faster and work on how quickly you can turn and drag the ball back through before pushing off. Xavi often does this move during games to beat an opponent who is pressuring him.

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