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Zidane first touch

Zidane first touch workout.

Skillset Specific Workouts.

Exercise length: 20 minutes

Ball to be struck against a wall aerially or thrown/kicked by a partner – strike can be with any foot, the focus is on control

Every wall rebound should be struck with 100% effort to make control extremely difficult – stay close to the wall, within 5 meters

Right inside foot control x 5 (ball is struck with power against the wall, then controlled with inside of the right foot in the air)

Left inside foot control x 5

Right thigh control x 5

Left thigh control x 5

Any body part control x 10 (try to use thighs, feet and chest)

Rest for 1 minute

Repeat above x 3 sets

The aim is to perfectly control the ball so that it stops dead at your feet. You should be aiming for at least 3 out of 5 perfect controls from each exercise.

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