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1 touch zigzag speed – Dribbling

1 touch zigzag speed dribbling.

Individual Skills Library.

1. Setup eight cones in a line, around one foot apart (they need to be close but not too close so that the ball cannot pass comfortably between them).

2. Using both feet, dribble the ball using the insides of your feet only.

3. The ball should move in a zigzag motion in between the cones with each touch. The idea is to move through the cones at speed using quick feet.

4. Test yourself – don’t start off slowly; go fast from the outset. It will be difficult to maintain a fluid dribbling motion and you will definitely make mistakes. Push yourself to go faster each time; when you make a mistake, it gives your body/brain a chance to adjust to the challenge and make new connections ready for next time. Work at it!

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